To be prepared is half the victory.
— Miguel de Cervantes

Unlike a recruiter who just fills company vacancies, I’m ready to go on your career journey with you. I devote my time and attention to becoming your trusted sounding board while providing guidance and insights. Coaching is a process and a journey that leads to self-discovery and professional growth. We will develop a strategic plan that will drive your actions and deliver sustainable results.

If you need help directing your career, I offer coaching sessions online via Skype and/or over the phone. I guide you through exploring what success means to you, so you know when you’ve arrived!

How would it feel to have a career coach listen intently and be an advocate for your vision? Someone to encourage and embolden you to feel more present, motivated and confident. What would it feel like to have a helping hand through each step of the process?

There are simple steps using modern tools that we can take together to achieve your success.

Throughout the coaching journey, we’ll cover everything from:

  • Gaining a realistic understanding of your fundamental strengths
  • Brainstorming achievement stories
  • Discovering your self-worth and what your skills are worth in the marketplace
  • Using assessments to identify benchmarks, personality traits, and behaviors
  • Diving into the details of editing your resume and cover letter
  • Practicing answers to interview questions and conversation topics for networking
  • Identifying opportunities and ways to tap into your networks

Through establishing your specific goals and maintaining accountability, we will develop a critical thinking model to deliver solutions.

  • I will hold you to a specific timeframe for mutually agreed tasks
  • I will track your progress
  • I will bring you back if you start to veer off course
  • I will ask you to stretch yourself
  • I will be your biggest advocate and together we’ll celebrate your triumphs!

Of course, you can continue doing what you’re doing, but this risks falling farther behind. Or, we can discuss how I can assist your journey toward taking charge of your career.